“It is definitely worth having a “Day of” Coordinator. Jennifer was very helpful at the beginning giving me lists of where I should be in the planning process and she was accessible.”
~Joan + Greg
“At first I didn’t think I would need or want a “Day of” Coordinator but I am so glad I had Jennifer at my wedding! I had such peace of mind knowing she was there. Jennifer was great—-we met twice before the wedding but spoke dozens of times over the phone and email. She is the sweetest woman and really knows her stuff. I appreciated her frequent emails telling me things I should be doing and giving me recommendations of vendors she worked with. She asked for a list of things for her to do at the wedding, which at first took me a while to write, but I’m glad I did because it really made me think about specifics. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone!
~Vanessa + Carlos
“Weddings are expensive, so as brides we look for where we can cut cost. At first I was hesitant to hire a wedding planner. I felt like I didn’t really see the need for one. I’m one of those people that really enjoyed planning and handling things myself, but thank goodness I listened to my now husband and hired Jennifer. It honestly made my wedding day so much more enjoyable and less stressful. On your wedding day, you are going to have a millions things to worry about, you do not need to be worrying about coordinating with the other vendors and directing guests. That’s what Jennifer did for me. She was my person of communication with the florists, photographer, DJ etc. She made sure we were on on schedule and coordinate the guests on where to go. You might say “Well my mom, my sister, or my maid of honor can do it.” No, wrong, because they themselves will be super busy, as well. So unless you have a really trustworthy best friend or family member who somehow did not want to be part of your bridal party, it is really hard to make it work. Jennifer has 4 different packages depending on much help you need. I just picked the “day of” since I knew I could do most of the other planning myself. Honestly, it was the best decision I could have made for my wedding. Jennifer is organized and is very good at coordinating and making sure the event runs smoothly. So glad she was there for my wedding!”
~Tia + Craig
Jennifer was a blessing to have as my wedding coordinator! We clicked right away when we first met. She really impressed me by her organization, flexibility, professionalism, everything! She was very informative with a lot different thing’s and for sure kept me calm on the wedding day. I’m so happy and glad I chose for our special day!"
~Mariana + Leo